How to Find the Best Deal

on Amtrak Train Fares

Believe it or not, there are times when purchasing Amtrak train fares will cost more than when purchasing airfare.  You have to be alert for deals and discounts when looking to book your travel plans.

The good thing for the USA is that air and vehicle travel is far more popular than traveling by train.  This is not necessarily a bad thing though; it means that Amtrak is going to fight for your business.

Travel off season for better deals.  One way of obtaining the best train fare deals is to travel during off tourist seasons.  It only makes sense that peak tourist season will cause a demand on train tickets and thus the price of train fare will go up.  By traveling off-season, you hit Amtrak when they need business and are willing to cut better deals for example, if people all head south when it is cool outside, head north.  Go in the opposite direction.  Often there will be deals to travel right after major holidays and during slow months.

Amtrak Train Fares

Use the travel websites to find good deals.  Sometimes these sites promise to scout out the best deals for you so you will not have to do any legwork.  You can find good train passes and tours through Amtrak by doing this too.  Sometimes travel review websites will offer deals, discounts and passes you would not otherwise find elsewhere.

Also, remember the travel agent, if you have one in your area, or find one specializing in offering discount vacations.  Travel agents make it their business to earn your business by obtaining the best deals possible with travel and lodging, including train fares.

Ask.  Call Amtrak and ask them if they have any deals or are scheduling deals.  They want your business and if they are privy to the information, they will give you the
deal.  If you get in touch with someone and they do not know the deals, ask him or her who you can speak with that would have such information.  You never know when you may land a great travel deal for discounted train fares.

Check out these websites for the possibility of good travel deals with Amtrak:


Also look at travel forums for other word of mouth referrals to websites and places that will offer discounted Amtrak train fare.  You may also find train fare for sale at a discount by people who purchased a ticket and are no longer able to use it.

Trains are a great way to travel and, with these tips, it can be really affordable too.

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